A partial list of media appearances and other promotion for "Fixing Elections."

Highlights have included appearances on CSpan's BookTV, Fox News, NPR's "Cambridge Forum," the New America Foundation, Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington D.C., AT&T/Massachusetts School of Law's "Books of Our Times," NPR's "Marketplace," Harvard Coop bookstore in Cambridge MA, WNYC in New York, Working Assets, a short Fourth of July feature about "Fixing Elections" on ABC affiliate KGO-TV in San Francisco, Dubai-TV broadcast throughout Europe, Middle East and Persian Gulf, and interviews with over 100 radio and TV shows



Jan. 3, KNWZ in Palm Springs

Jan. 6, WTMJ, Milwaukee, WI

Jan. 14, Radio Left, national syndication

Jan. 15, WCTC-AM News Talk Radio, New Brunswick , NJ with Bernard Spigner

Jan. 26, WGNU-AM, St. Louis, MO, with Lizz Brown 

Jan. 28, WRVC AM, Huntington, West Virginia

Feb. 4, KPFK, Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles

Feb. 16, KSFR-FM, Santa Fe, New Mexico, host Diego Mulligan

Feb. 16, KMUD, Arcata, California

Feb. 17, Dubai-TV, interview about US democracy and presidential election, broadcast throughout Europe, Middle East and Persian Gulf

Feb. 23, WBAI, Pacifica Radio in NY



January 13, book reading at Village Books, Bellingham WA

January 14, interview on League of Women Voters TV show, Seattle WA

January 14, one hour radio interview with Paul Nelson, which aired on 1/26/03 on the following stations: KKNW-AM, 1150,  Seattle CNN Headline News Sundays, KGRG-FM Netcast! (89.3 & 89.9), KENU-AM (1330) KUPS-FM (90.1)

January 14, book reading at Elliott Bay Books, Seattle WA . Presentation is broadcast numerous times on TVW, the official cable channel for the state of Washington

January 15, public lecture in Tacoma WA at First United Methodist Church

January 15, interview on KEXP with Mike McCormick

January 15, interview on KUOW, NPR in Seattle , with host Steve Scher

January 16, book reading at Orca Books, Olympia WA

January 28, public lecture at University of California-Davis Campus.

January 30, book reading at Clean Well Lighted Books, San Francisco .

January 30, radio interview (no record of the station)

January 31, radio interview (no record of the station)

February 3, public lecture at Northeastern University, Boston MA

February 4, public lecture sponsored by League of Women Voters at Amherst MA public library

February 4, public lecture at University of Massachusetts , Amherst MA

February 2, book reading at bookstore in Northampton , MA

February 5, interview on TV show “Books of our Times,” sponsored by AT&T and Massachusetts School of Law

February 5, interview on TV show in Cambridge , MA

February 5, public presentation on NPR’s "Cambridge Forum,"Cambridge MA

February 6, speech to conference of Maine state legislators, sponsored by Dirigo Alliance, Augusta Maine

February 7, speech to conference sponsored by Northeast Action and Boston Vote, Boston MA

February 8, book reading at Harvard Coop bookstore, Cambridge, MA

February 18, public lecture at “Making Democracy Work” conference, University of California-San Diego Campus.

February 25, meeting with Chief of Staff to US Senator Barbara Boxer about some of the themes in "Fixing Elections"

March 6, speech at Women's Representation Conference sponsored by the White House Project, San Francisco.

May 11, public presentation sponsored by Unitarian Fellowship, Sacramento CA .

May 27, speech to Poli Sci class, California Politechnic Institute, San Luis Obispo  

May 27, interview with New Times, alternative weekly in San Luis Obispo

May 27, interview on KVEC, NPR station, host Dave Congalton, San Luis Obispo

May 27, public lecture at Veterans' Building, San Luis Obispo

May 28, radio interview at station in San Luis Obispo

May 28, speech to Democratic Party of San Luis Obispo

May 29, public lecture sponsored by Foundation for Global Community, Palo Alto , CA

June 17, public talk in Palo Alto , sponsored by various groups incl League of Women Voters.

June 29, public talk at Unitarian Church , San Francisco.

July 8, interview on Pacifica ’s WBAI radio in New York City .

July 15, interview on KQED’s “Forum,” NPR station, San Francisco .

August, interviewed by various TV (ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates) and radio stations in San Francisco, commenting on the gubernatorial recall election in California

August 25, interview on KALW, NPR station, San Francisco .

September 9, interview on NPR’s nationally syndicated show, Marketplace, Debra Schifrin

September 13, public lecture at Oakland City Hall , sponsored by League of Women Voters

September 15, interview on Pacifica ’s KPFK, Los Angeles

September 23, interview on KAZU-FM, NPR station, (90.3 FM), Monterey , CA

September 24, lecture to two political science classes at California State Univ-Monterey

September 24, public lecture at Monterey Peninsula College , “The California Recall"

September 24, interview on KUSP-FM, NPR station, Santa Cruz

September 24, TV interview on California recall, CBS affiliate in Monterey

September 25, lecture to class (Politics and Participation), Cal State Univ-Monterey

September 25, public lecture, Unitarian Church , Carmel

September 25, lecture to class, Cal State Univ-Monterey

September 25, book reading at Thunderbird Bookshop, Carmel

October 17, public lecture sponsored by South Bay Coalition, San Jose , CA

October 20, 2003 , interview by Icicle Networks radio, National Syndicated

October 21, 2003 , interview by "McMullen and Johnson," Sirius Satellite Radio network  

October 27, KSFR-FM, Santa Fe , New Mexico , host Diego Mulligan

Nov. 4, KPFA, “Morning Show,” Pacifica network, Berkeley , CA

Nov. 4, Alaska Public Radio, NPR’s “Talk of the Nation”

Nov. 6, KPOO-FM, San Francisco  

Nov. 6, KPFK, Pacifica network, Los Angeles  

Nov. 7, IE America Network (national) “Thom Hartmann show”


June 25, "Make Your Vote Count, An Electoral Reform Forum with Steven Hill," University of California-San Diego Campus.

June 26, speech to the annual conference of the California Association of Clerks and Election Officials (CACEO)

July 1, KGO 890 AM in San Francisco , Pete Wilson show

July 4, KGO TV (ABC affiliate in San Francisco ) does a July 4th feature on "Fixing Elections" and Steven Hill's work (five minutes long).

July 11, "Fixing Elections: The Failure of America's Winner-Take-All Politics," a lecture sponsored by the Chicago League of Women Voters. 

July 12, presentation at the Rainbow Bookstore Co-op, Madison , Wisconsin

July 18, CSPAN’s Book TV broadcasts lecture at the New America Foundation in Washington D.C.

July 20, speak at U.S. Green Party national convention, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

July 21, presentation at "Politics and Prose" bookstore in Washington D.C.

July 24, public lecture sponsored by Demos, New York City

July 24, interview on WNYC in New York City, the show of Leonard Lopate

July 24, appear on Fox TV News, “The Big Story,” host is John Gibson.

July 25, “Fixing Elections: The Failure of America's Winner Take All Politics," a public lecture at the Brennan Center, New York University Law School , New York City

September 16, book reading at Cody's Books in Berkeley , CA

September 20, presentation and book signing at City Hall, San Francisco, in the office of Supervisor Matt Gonzalez

Sept. 18, Bill Rosendahl TV show "Week In Review", in Los Angeles

Sept. 18, Bill Rosendahl's national TV show for Adelphia cable

Sept. 18, KPFK ( Pacifica ) in Los Angeles

October 15, KHSU, NPR station, Arcata

October 16, KMUD Pacifica affiliate, Arcata

October 18, KZXZ, NPR station, North Coast , CA

October 18, Booksigning, Windsong Books from 4 to 5 PM , Fort Bragg .

October 18, Town Hall Meeting, Fort Bragg , California, Town Hall

October 21, lecture at Humboldt State University, sponsored by Poli Sci Dept

October 23, KPFA ( Pacifica ) Berkeley

October 24, Pacifica/KPFK, Antonio Gonzalez national show

October 28, WILD-Boston

October 29, XM Satellite radio network

October 29, KSFR, Santa Fe , New Mexico

October 29, Palo Alto bookstore

October 30, KVMR radio NEWS, Grass Valley (5 minutes)

October 31, KVMR, Grass Valley (30 minutes)

October 31, KRWG New Mexico Public Radio, Las Cruces

October 31, IBN Islamic Radio network (IBN.net)

October 31, WSYR-AM 570 (Clear Channel network), Syracuse

November 1, WPFW-FM, Pacifica in Washington DC

November 1, KQED-FM, (Forum show), NPR station, San Francisco

November 1, Talk America Radio network, nationally syndicated, host Shmuley Boteach

November 2, presentation in bookstore, Sonoma

November 3, KPFK, Los Angeles

November 4, KRVN, Lexington , Nebraska , 880 AM, 93.1 FM

November 4, IE America Radio Network

November 4, San Francisco Liberation Radio

November 4, Bev Smith Show (national), American Urban Radio Network

November 4, Jefferson Public Radio, KSJK-AM/KAGI-AM, Ashland , OR

November 4, KPFT, Pacifica in Houston

November 4, WOIA, San Antonio

November 5, KNUU-AM Las Vegas

November 5. WLIB-AM, New York City , NY

November 5, KPCW Radio (NPR in Salt Lake City , Utah )

November 5, WMBD Peoria IL

November 5, WLIB, New York City

November 5, WHRV (NPR affiliate) in Virginia

November 5, WWWI-AM, Brainerd , Minnesota

November 5, WEZU-St. Paul

November 5, WRPI in Troy , NY

November 5, WOND-AM, Atlantic City

November 5, KFRM-AM, Colombia , Missouri

November 6, Doug Stephan "Good Day USA" nationally syndicated

November 6, WRPI, Troy , NY

November 6, WBAI Pacifica in NY

November 6, Talk America Radio network, nationally syndicated, Schmulie ???

November 6, WSYR, Syracuse , NY

November 6, KPFK-Pacifica in Los Angeles

November 7, WOIA, San Antonio

November 14, KAOS-Olympia

November 16, WHAT Philadelphia

November 19, WCCO, Minneapolis

November 20, WVOX-AM, New Rochelle , NY

December 2, WOAI, San Antonio (about John Kerry)

December 3, WWUH, Hartford

December 4, WRPI, Troy , NY


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